Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds world review

Punching, kicking, slashing, shooting, hyper combo. The fast combo busting controller is back for round 3. that's right,  Marvel Vs Capcom newest game is out and its title Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

Now if your expecting a story for this, well.....there not much. the main story is about Doctor Doom gather the greatest villains and join force with Albert Wesker since conquering marvel universe is just not enough for his ego. Unfortunately, the awaken a threat that can destroy both universe as well. so its up to the marvel and capcom heroes to stop them. each of them have a starting story, though they do have their own ending respectively.

the graphic is made out of mash up 3D with side scrolling like 2D with a cell-shading color. Pretty cool if you ask me. especially when they making it fast pace thumb busting controller game. Hence the name of the blog, thumb buster. you would fight from a urban alleyway, to a lift going to a parade with a big Spider-man blow up doll, to the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier. there is new character to the game, other than the usual. you got the merc with a mouth, deadpool. the demon hunter from DMC, dante. the weapon-x clone, X-23 and much more. It just freaking hilarious using deadpool when he complain it's your fault if he lost.

the gameplay.....heck,just beat your opponent the way you like it. it still feature the usual tag battle. they change the button making it simpler for new comers. it features the normal arcade mode where you battle team along each round where your opponent get harder till you meet the final battle against _________. there also the standard versus and training. it also feature mission where each character must follow its objective to unlock next mission. and new to it an online battle if you feel like fighting someone outside you console.

the game is kinda cheap and much like the game you use to play at the arcade but it's fun, explosive and exciting. using each character is now so much fun than rather using just one. this game fights its way on having a 4 out of 5.

Bulletstorm review

dont u looove the Unnecessary violence?the part where you instead just shoot the head or gun blaze   the torso just never seem to be enough so you want to aim,im not that into it too.but   developer Epic Games and People can fly manage to make a cool game which pretty much need you to do   it. That right, their newest game, Bulletstorm give you a knack of trying to shoot down you enemies   with style to gain points.

Bulletstorm takes place in the 26th century, where you follow a space pirates Grayson Hunt, while on   a alcohol-driven revenge on his former commanding officer General Sarrano, crash landed on a planet   name Stygia. Along side him a cyborg partner, Ishi, they battle of incredibly large amount of mutant   tribes, criminal, maneating plant and Godzilla lookalike on the former resort turn ruin planet.

The story is quite simple, no complicated history, no complicated plot and simple twist but can still   be entertaining as you follow gray, who which also voiced Marcus Fenix for epic game Gears Of War,   and his non stop talking. The urban area is also like Gears Of War but to make it into more of a   action game,the lighten it up with alot more bright color. i would say it done ok. Its really one of those game that you just simply gun enemies down like movie was done when arnold and slyvester conquer action movie back in the days.

The gameplay is terrific. you get to play FPV while kicking people when they get to close then they get slow motion for you to do whatever way you want to kill it. you even have a whip-like leash to pull people closer and the will still come to you in slow motion. Collect points you can buy upgrade and ammo. This is where its new system kicks in. you have a 'skillshot'. It allows you have higher points by doing the basic headshot, or shooting them in the balls than kick them to gain more points. or blasting they upper torso of with a shotgun for the hell of it. if you want to go cheap on ammo, there also a solution. by pulling/kicking enemies of the cliff, or implaing them to structure beam or oversize cactus. or by simply pushing them to a propeler. all mix it all up to have a combo of skillshot to how they go. be creative. what the down size of it is that its pretty much repeatative. so bit of the downer when you wish to try somthing new.

All in all, its a interesting fast pacing game. the story may be to simple and the tactic quite repeatative. but i would still say this game have it fun. worth a 4 out of 5.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dead Space 2 review

hello now.been a long time till d last game. don't have any game to play.>_<.so without any further
halt,im gonna give a my review on the long awaiting anticipating game, the one who bought horror game to a new phase, Dead Space 2.

now for you all know bout Isaac Clarke going to a alien parasite infested space ship call the ishimura, Dead Space 2 continue Isaac story three years after the first event. He had amnesia between the ishimura event and till having waking up in a alien infested colony call The Sprawl. Surviving through hordes of Necromorph and finding a cure for his fatal dementia cause by the new marker.

the graphic for the game have greatly improved from it previous game. and i mean it. You don't just cinematic battle against tentacle that wants to pull you to a mini hole. you now have a cinematic battle that involve in throwing Isaac around. the storyline is abit empty as it only focus on Isaac. but hey, now you can get to hear Isaac talk more then just screaming. he wont be the talkative type, but its still cool to watch Isaac swear while multi stomping on dead bodies. They add few new weapon like a javelin gun, Seeker Rifle and detonator gun so you can battle against ALSO new necromorph which give Isaac a sick cinematic death if you cant kill them quickly. 

Like Dead Space, you have to battle against Necromorph. And since the developer focus more on gore than making easy kill. you need to dismember their limbs to make sure they stay dead. other than than you can impale enemies with either your weapon, kinesis a stick or even tactically kinesis enemies claw when you cut it off.The system have improved AI where they cant dodge better, flank better, even faint better. Since AI have improve and enemies have a variety, Dead Space 2 offer you a chance to go tactic in taking out enemies since they to Isaac in a amount of not less than 5.

Not much can be said for its multiplayer other than having two teams, human and necromorph going against each other. where the human complete an objective and the the opposing make sure it doesn't happen. you gain more unlockable with every win. while the multiplayer is new to the game, the game play is quite simple and less satisfying then the main single campaign.

Conclusion, Dead space 2 is a game i reckon you to have a few pro and con in it. but the satisfying horror and gore will still make you look behind you to every noise you hear while playing at night just like how Dead space 1 did. My rate, 4 out of 5.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Splatterhouse Review

For those who is interested in the whole horror that have unnaturally violence, gore seem to be coming out from the 80's movie here's a game that can that can refresh those history. Splatterhouse.From Namco, the game is a remake of its ALSO 80's game with the same name. the just add a few twist to the story.

You start of as the protagonist, Rick near death after his girlfriend, Jennifer been kidnap by the antagonist Dr. West, a 'necrobiologist' professor who is hell bent on opening the portal for the corrupted to take over. a few moment before dies, a mask talk to him saying it can save both him and Jennifer if he put the mask on. seeing no other option, he wear the mask and transform into a hulk-type beast and is set out to stop Dr. West Plans.

So having a remake from the 80's beat'em up game, the just pretty just add a few features such as upgradable skills, birds eye view and of course finishing move which is call "splatter kill". Now the graphic isn't that bad, you do have to wait a loooooooooong time for it loading screen, so make sure you minimize your game over habits. the remake of also took the liberty of taking its battle not just in the mansion like it predecessor. you battle and find 18-rated 'breadcrumbs' left by Jen for rick to find from (mostly) a post-apocalypse junk yard, a rundown circus and even to the past 18 century.

now the battle is pretty much upgraded. you can stil carry weapon if you found any in the game. but its a lot focus more on beating'em-up-with-your-fist. you chain your attacks to make combos and gaining more blood. blood is use so you can upgrade you battle. upgrading your battle means more chain, also more blood. you can also use a "splatter Kill" to gory finish your opponent to, also, earn more blood. other than that you can enter what they say "mask mode", where rick get temporary strong depending on its rage meter. once you finish level 1. you can play survival arena where they throw at you wave upon wave of enemies, and the reward is a collectible. you can even unlock the original game including its splatterhouse 2 and splatterhouse 3.

This game is how the 80's horror movie use to do it. a lot of girl screaming, unnaturally gore. for splatterhouse fan, which i doubt have a lot of in the age of 20's. this is a game to recon for. For newcomers. i gave it a 3 out of 5. try collecting the 'breadcrumbs'. this should keep the guys motivated.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yu-GI-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5.

Yu-Gi-Oh, the world where card game is serious effing business. Yerp, that's right folk; where a simple card game can determine your fate. Whether you kill a person or not, kick your neighbor pet, thrash your friends toy, or even whether your are a semi-divine being in your past life can be determine by a simple card game. However we're not talking about that today k? Today we're (or rather I) gonna talk about the latest addition to the Yu-Gi-Oh! PSP game titled Yu-GI-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5.

The story is quite simple in this game, set in the time where Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's series happen; you are a simple no name red hat (until you enter his name that is) interacting and befriending with various character from 5D's to save the world, or just couple with the mook to win a card game tournament. Simple right?

However to meaty point of this game is the shear amount of card it offer. There are 4,727 cards, including cards from Starstrike Blast, Duel Terminal 10 -Raid of the Inverz!!-, Structure Deck 19 -Dragunity Drive-, and Extra Pack Volume 3 and game exclusive card to be collect and utilize to completely decimate your opponent! (Note: No actual character were killed in the game). For Yu-Gi-Oh! fan this is a good chance to create and test your RL deck. For those who can't afford to by those physical card, now its time to try the virtual one and battle with your friends thru ad-hoc!

The control is quite simple (Hey, its a card game. How hard can it be?). Basically your will be pressing the X button to interact with different command. The sound is fine. Although there is no voice-over..and I think they re-use some of the sound from last Tag Force. The graphic however is beautiful. The picture on the card can be clearly seen. The character portrait/profile is superb. And I must say, as usual for Yu-Gi-Oh! game, there ton of re-playability. There are tons of card to be collected, and each main character storyline is different from one another.

Well the flaw is there is quite a lag in this game. For one in battle, the AI will really take their time setting their card and all. And another is when your accessing your card collection. There are really noticeable lag.

My 2 cent? I'd say this is a must for Yu-Gi-Oh! fan. The number of the card available alone is  a big plus. You may even learn some new trick for your game.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Review

Now.for all those FPS who love war theme. you sure know this game. and for those who havn't.make sure you dont miss this one. Yes. the game that even if it keep getting violence and violence yet still manage to make a major hit. Call of Duty. and its newest series, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

First of its kind, set in the time of the cold war. You play as Special forces agent, Alex Mason who is being interrogate to as the goverment need infomation. from here you play trough flashbacks. the storyline is great. duh. they been game of the year since its first game. they pick well their voiceover, Sam Worthington, Ed Harris, Gary Oldman, Topher Grace and many more.

The graphic is done perfectly. you visit from The Bay of Pig, Cuba, to The Gulag in Russia. You get to use new weapons such as a crossbow, dragonbreath and a ballistic knife (multiplayer Only). They took their violance up a notch. How? Instead of blowing them to pieces, you actually get to see them in shock when you blow thier limbs off.

The multiplayer got itself a new system which they threw out the leveling/gaining experience and focus alot more on socialization and customization. You get to customize your weapon not just its equipment, but also its style suiting to the player taste. for example, you can add clan tag on you weapon or even customize the color of your reticle in scoop such as red dot. so no more easy kill streak for the level 99 and no more getting owned for the newbies.

how should i conclude this? the game been a mojar hit from its first edition. its a game you knew its going to be a great game before its even coming out. with the new timeline, equipment, gameplay its a 4 out of 5 game you dont want to miss.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta

Fighting mythical creature, slaying gods, chaining atlas. yup, there no other than the one and only brutal badass Kratos. and back for another round in new game, God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta for the PSP.

Set between God of war 1 and God of war 2 Kratos is still haunted by his vision of his past. and is set a quest to save his brother Deimos. pretty much like that. from here he encounter Scylla, callisto, titan Thera, and even the god of death Thanatos.

The graphic is better than the previous PS2 game, which is amazing for a hand held game. you get to travel trough a lot of places from Atlantis, to his home town, Sparta. the campaign is a bit short. i finish it in one night. but the storyline is perfect. this time its involve a lot more of Kratos mortal side and get to see how it was that created Kratos signature scar and tattoo.

for its gameplay, not much difference from its previous hack and slash brutally. having quick time event. puzzles and boss fight. you can obtain other special weapon and magic along the way and upgrade it to increase Kratos demolitions. its still the same as before but not a bad thing, since its that that made Kratos one of the most badass anti hero of all time.

Simply saying. God of War: Ghost of Sparta is a must play game for those who wish finally wish to see Kratos past. of those just hungry for he distructive act. trust me you be impress. i give it a 5/5